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Energy Storage Facts & News

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Breakthrough with Supercapacitor that Stores Four Times as Much Energy

U.S. scientists have made a groundbreaking discovery in the field of energy storage. They have developed a material that enables supercapacitors to store up to four times more energy than current models. This new material opens up new possibilities for use in electric vehicles and various electronic devices. Supercapacitors are devices capable of quickly storing and releasing electricity. They store less energy than batteries but have a higher power output...
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247 Energy Supercharges Solar Solutions Kortrijk

247 Energy supercharges Solar Solutions Kortrijk with electrifying vibes, 25-26 October! Swing by our booth, drop your card, and stand a chance to snag a Supercap 5.5KWh home battery! Discover the future: safe, durable energy storage for both business and home. Don’t miss our dynamic 10Ft storage in action! 247 Energy geeft Solar Solutions Kortrijk een energieboost op 25-26 oktober! Kom langs onze stand, laat je kaartje achter en maak...
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From Lithium-Ion to the Next Gen: Why Faster Charging is the Future

From Lithium-Ion to the Next Gen: Why Faster Charging is the Future. In this article we dive into the drawbacks of traditional battery charging speeds and their impact on your business operations. Read the full article.
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The Evolution of Energy Storage: A Journey from Past to Future

The evolution of energy storage is a testament to human ingenuity. From rudimentary mechanisms to sophisticated storage solutions, our journey has been marked by continuous innovation. At, we’re proud to be part of this odyssey, pioneering solutions that promise to shape a brighter, more efficient, and sustainable future. Read the full article
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Maximizing (S)ROI in Energy Storage: The Power of Long Lifecycles. 

Our article on linkedin offers a dive into how the longevity of energy storage solutions can provide better (Sustainable)ROI for businesses. Read full article.
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The benefits of Microgrids

Microgrids improve electric reliability, decrease energy costs and act as a climate change solution.  The benefits: they enhance electric reliability improve recovery and resiliency reduce energy costs for individuals and businesses. support clean energy and the environment. reinforce the primary grid. improve cybersecurity. benefit society economically. increase community well-being. Conclusion People & organizations profit from microgrids. It keeps lights on when the central grid fails. It upgrades distribution grids, hardens...
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Penalties for Greenwashing

EU confirms penalties for greenwashing! “The European Commission tabled new legislation on Wednesday (22 March) to tackle misleading environmental claims by introducing penalties against greenwashing and tighter rules for the approval of new ecolabels. The proposed Green Claims Directive aims to reduce greenwashing and enable consumers to make informed purchasing decisions based on reliable information about the sustainability of the products they buy. “We believe this proposal will bring real...
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