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Use Cases

Call for applications

247’s Energy Storage has USPs that make it ideal for new applications.

Together we can revolutionise the energy landscape. 247 Energy focusses on design & production of new energy storage modules based on SuperCaps. We are looking for integrators to partner with on their business field and enable new applications, new business models and solve some of the issues in the energy transaction.  

Here are some of the applications we are working on together with partners.

Smart Micro Grid

The quality requirements of energy and power supply as well as safety and reliability are becoming higher and higher. The traditional power supply mode of large power grid no longer meets these requirements because of its own shortcomings.

Micro grid, a new type of power grid, can integrate distributed generation. It can save investment, reduce energy consumption, improve system security and flexibility, and it is the future for the grid.  Supercapacitors play a very important role as an essential energy storage system in Microgrid.

As a new type of energy storage device, super capacitor modules have become one of the preferred devices for energy storage in Microgrid with its irreplaceable advantages.

  • Short term power supply
  • As energy buffer
  • Improving power quality
  • Distributed grid system

Grid Stabilisation

In 2020, Europe has installed 195 GW On Shore and 25 GW Off Shore wind turbines. It is expected another 105 GW will be build in the next 5 years. In order to stabilize the grid activities, on average 30% of this capacity will be buffered in Energy storage in one way or the other. The total installed PV capacity in Europe to date is around 137 GW with an expected growth of 50% in the next 5 years. Buffering this output at a rate of 25% through energy storage creates another opportunity.

Off-grid Charging Points for EVs

Electric Vehicle charging is expected to consume 200 Terawatt Hours of electricity in 2030. To cope with grid shortcomings, mobile charging units will appear on parkings across Europe. Our technology can charge slow/fast depending on input and discharge fast. In fact we deliver 20x discharge speed of Lithium-Ion making it the perfect buffer between grid & EV.

Inland Navigation Electrification

In December 2020 the European Commission released its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy (SSMS) to implement its Green Deal. The strategy seeks to increase the share of Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) by 25 % by 2030 and by 50 % by 2050. The European Commission underlines the importance of Inland Waterway Transport as sustainable mode of transport to realize its future sustainability goals. Based upon the Green Deal a key objective is to deliver a 90% reduction in transport-related greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Electrification of inland navigation is part of that strategy. 247 SuperCaps no longer require batteries to be swapped! An electric powered vessel  can be charged in less than 15 minutes (plug & play). We work with operators, shipyards to develop the vessel of the future.

Home/Office Battery

Storing solar produced electricity in homes will not only ease stress on the grid, but allow the storage owners to use “cheap” produced electricity during times the sun doesn’t shine instead of buying it from the grid. It also allows for peak-shaving (reducing peaks on the grid) and lowers costs in new pricing policies that focus on peak reduction. 

Lifting & Handling

There are an estimated 1.34 million electric forklifts operated in the European market.  Add to this another 5 million hydraulic lifts, loading platforms, distribution robots, cranes and electric pulling vehicles. Moving towards 0 emission,  all these vehicles will have to be fitted with green, sustainable, cost-efficient energy storage. Our energy storage allows for operating in extreme cold or hot environments (for which Lithium-Ion has no solution). Because of its charging speed (1-5 minutes) it does not require spare equipment to bridge lengthy Lithium-Ion charging times. 

A Partnership for superperformance, safety and low eco-footprint . Active in one of the above industries or something different altogether?

247 enables inland navigation electrification