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Breakthrough with Supercapacitor that Stores Four Times as Much Energy

U.S. scientists have made a groundbreaking discovery in the field of energy storage. They have developed a material that enables supercapacitors to store up to four times more energy than current models. This new material opens up new possibilities for use in electric vehicles and various electronic devices.

Supercapacitors are devices capable of quickly storing and releasing electricity. They store less energy than batteries but have a higher power output and longer lifespan. The new material, developed by researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the U.S., can store four times more energy than the best existing materials.

This breakthrough was partly enabled by the use of artificial intelligence. The researchers employed AI to design the most efficient material possible. This led to the discovery of a substance with a theoretical capacity of 570 farads per gram. After producing and testing the material, it was found to have an even higher capacity of 611 farads per gram, surpassing initial predictions. This discovery has been published in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

Supercapacitor technology is also used in 247 energy storage systems.