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up to 1.000.000 CYCLES
No Chemical reactions

Energy storage that lasts.

247 distributes disruptive energy storage solutions.

Revolutionary energy storage technology.

Current Lithium-Ion batteries have limitations that make it difficult and often unsafe to use in domestic applications or have a weak return-on-investment. The energy storage devices we sell are therefore non-chemical and based on capacitors.  No expensive metals, no polluting production methods, just good old capacitors and an intelligent software layer.

The capacitor goes back to 1782 (Mr Alessandro Volta called it a condenser) and sits nowadays on many electronic boards. Solid-state capacitors have a very long life and have little dependency on vibration or ambient temperature. Our energy storage units are using supercapacitors in large quantities. Supercapacitors can store up to 100 times more energy per unit mass than electrolytic capacitors. They accept and deliver charge much faster than batteries and tolerates many more charge and discharge cycles than rechargeable batteries (based on lithium-ion). Hence we sell a battery that is no battery and performs way better than any battery (patented technology).

247 offers a 45y lifespan energy storage device

Over 1.000.000 cycles or 45 years of lifespan is possible thanks to the use of supercapacitors versus lithium-ion. It is proven? Capacitors are older than any battery invented and sit on millions of electronic boards. 

Up to 20C charging speed (up to 20x Lithium-Ion)

Charge a battery from 0% tot 100%, with the right power supply we can do it in less than 6 minutes.

Does not burn or explode

Because of the supercapacitors used in our energy storage devices, there is no risk of overheating or burning since capacitors do not generate heat and are not sensitive to ambient temperature. 

No degradation over time

Supercapacitors show no degradation of capacity and efficiency over life time. 

Form factor similar to chemical batteries

Easy to integrate in existing lithium-ion powered solutions and available in different form factors (from small 1kW to 10.000kW).  

Operates -35°C to 85°C

Our energy storage can operate safely between -35°C to 85°C.

DC to DC roundtrip efficiency 99,1%, monthy self-discharge 2%

high efficiency 99,1%

low self-discharge limited to 2%.

247 enables inland navigation electrification

We generate and store your energy.

247 storage energy is part of 247 energy group of companies that bring innovations in renewable energy, hybrid mobile power plants and energy storage.