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As we mark Global Recycling Day this 18th of March, 2024, we at 247 Energy renew our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. In a world increasingly conscious of ecological impacts, our supercapacitor technology stands out as a beacon of innovation, fully recyclable and designed for longevity, a testament to our dedication to a greener...
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From Lithium-Ion to the Next Gen: Why Faster Charging is the Future. In this article we dive into the drawbacks of traditional battery charging speeds and their impact on your business operations. Read the full article.
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The evolution of energy storage is a testament to human ingenuity. From rudimentary mechanisms to sophisticated storage solutions, our journey has been marked by continuous innovation. At, we’re proud to be part of this odyssey, pioneering solutions that promise to shape a brighter, more efficient, and sustainable future. Read the full article
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A battery that has a life time of 1.000.000 cycles (or 45 years), does not burn, has a fast charge & discharge rate… This patented technology is about to replace Lithium batteries. The batteries will be release in Q1 2021 and distributed in different sizes. The first models will be targeted for industrial applications (rack-format)...
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