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Storage Consultancy

247 supports innovative energy project and assists companies in their transition into a different energy production mix.

The challenges we face? Current electricity networks have been built to connect many users to only a few points of production – a centralised system. Harvesting renewables implies decentralisation, where many consumers also become producers, who at times export electricity to the grid. To accommodate large numbers of solar panels and wind turbines, the distribution and transmission networks need to be adapted and expanded to avoid network congestion and failures.

At the same time, large-scale systems are developed and built to harvest renewables, which presents challenges for grid development at a continental scale. To connect large offshore wind farms, requires grid extension and grid capacity expansion to transport energy from remote locations to cities. And expanding the geographical scope of our grids can unlock so many places to locate wind farms, solar plants and other renewables, that intermittency may not be a problem anymore – eventually, there may always be sufficient systems that produce energy. Furthermore, grid development may augment the role of large-scale storage provided by pumped-hydro systems.

A system largely built on decentralised solar-PV, hydro- and wind power requires flexibility – users may adjust their demand to when power is available. Smart grids may allow an exchange of energy within neighborhoods and intelligent shifting of demand in time. Users may decide to adopt battery storage for some of the energy harvested by their solar panels to cover periods when there is no sun. Such storage systems preferably have decent ‘round-trip’ efficiencies – they should yield at least a decent share of the energy stored as useful output at affordable cost.

247 specializes in affordable battery systems to store energy harvested from renewables.


We assist you in selecting the right technology for your needs. We draft feasibility studies, financial modelling and support testing. We offer support on creating technical specifications and requirements for energy storage systems for tenders. We specialize in industrial and large scale residential applications, including the integration of renewables or combination of battery storage with conventional electricity production.

Design and Engineering

Design, Development and Engineering services to execute your project within scope, budget & timeframe. Sizing of your energy storage system includes load profile analysis and degradation simulation.

Project Management & Workshops

Our engineers follow up an implementation from start to finish. We offer inhouse workshops with your technical staff to discuss opportunities, technical challenges and train your staff in charge of operations.

Working on a storage project?

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