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EU confirms penalties for greenwashing! “The European Commission tabled new legislation on Wednesday (22 March) to tackle misleading environmental claims by introducing penalties against greenwashing and tighter rules for the approval of new ecolabels. The proposed Green Claims Directive aims to reduce greenwashing and enable consumers to make informed purchasing decisions based on reliable information...
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In today’s society, we need to pay more and more attention to the dangers of Lithium-Ion batteries and the rules for extinguishing burning or exploded batteries.  In many cases, it is advisable to call the fire brigade because it is more difficult than you might think. Source:
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With the increasing use of Lithium-Ion batteries in both EV, domestic and industrial applications, more and more parties are concerned about the risks of fire and/or explosion.  New regulations are therefore in the making to make these solutions more fireproof.  But can this be done? Source :,accupakket%20als%20projectielen%20kunnen%20wegvliegen
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Manufacturing Them Leaves Massive Carbon Footprint Once in operation, electric cars certainly reduce your carbon footprint, but making the lithium-ion batteries could emit 74% more CO2 than for conventional cars. Just to build each car battery—weighing upwards of 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) in size for sport-utility vehicles—would emit up to 74% more C02 than producing...
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