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Electrical Vehicles
The world is in a chip-making crisis. But reasonably soon, the shortage will be over, and a very different, equally gargantuan opportunity will come into focus: We are going to need batteries — massive numbers of batteries. According to a forecast last week by BloombergNEF, a clean energy research firm, the world is going to require...
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Electric vehicles are approaching price parity with gas-powered cars. Leaders on the EV market are developing innovative battery designs to enable longer-range vehicles at lower costs. The total cost of ownership for a like-for-like EV dropped below that of a Toyota Camry in 2019! Soon sticker prices likely will do the same. Source: ARK Investment...
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The auto market is undergoing a shift to both electric and autonomous. Sales could scale from 2,2 million EVs sold in 2020 tot 40 million in 2025. A CAGR of 85%. Source: ARK Investment – Big Ideas 2021
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Global sales of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) exceeded 3 million for the first time in 2020, despite the economic headwinds imposed by COVID-19. This visualization presents a geographic breakdown of these sales, revealing that more than 80% were made in Europe or China. The EU was the largest market with a margin...
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