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In our “watt (what) to look for when selecting your professional energy storage”, we shed a light on your safety.
Thermal runaway is a chain reaction within a battery cell that can be very difficult to stop once it has started. It happens when a battery’s internal temperature rises to the degree where a chemical reaction takes place. More heat is generated by this chemical process, which drives the temperature higher, causing further chemical reactions that create more heat. In thermal runaway, the battery cell temperature rises incredibly fast (milliseconds). The energy stored in that battery is released very suddenly. This chain reaction creates extremely high temperatures (around 400°C) and ignites all neighboring cells resulting in even more heat. These temperatures can cause gassing of the battery and a fire that is so hot it can be nearly impossible to extinguish.
Non-chemical batteries from 247 Energy do not have this thermal runaway risk. They are non-flammable and therefore safe for residential & professional applications. Looking for ATEX, an insurable battery, or simply a safe product? Go 247 Energy!