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New York transmission line proposal includes 600MWh of battery storage

A 150MW / 600MWh battery storage system would be a central component of a proposed “state-of-the-art clean energy underground highway,” capable of transmitting renewable energy into New York City from Upstate New York, has heard. 

New York’s electric transmission system needs to be able to support the ongoing and rapid growth of renewable energy. The state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act legislation requires that 70% of electricity must come from renewables sources by 2030. While the more rural Upstate areas of New York are ideal for siting wind and solar, the majority of demand for energy is in the densely packed urban areas of New York City. 

With the state committing more than US$340 million towards upgrading its transmission networks, Avangrid, a subsidiary of major European utility company Iberdrola, has put forward its proposed Excelsior Connect project, which would pair an underground high voltage DC transmission line with renewable energy resources and the battery energy storage system (BESS).

source: energy storage news