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247 at Love Tomorrow Sustainability Conference

28-7-2022 was earth overshoot day. The day when humanity has used all the biological resources that earth regenerates during the entire year.

  • 121% increase in world population since 1970
  • -68% decline in average population size of vertebrate species since 1970
  • 60% of humanity’s ecological footprint is carbon

Same day Tomorrowland hosted its first Love Tomorrow Conference on Sustainability.

With speakers as: Frans Timmermans, Yuval Noah Harari, Nadine Bongaerts, Jasna Rokegem, Ali Tabrizi, Dirk Standaert, Ida Engberg and David Sirota.

Clear message “Don’t point finger at what others should do to fix the climate challenge, but see how you and your company can help.” According to Yuval Noah Harari (writer of books as Sapiens, Homo Deus, 21 Lessons for the 21st century): “We have estimated that it would cost about 2-3% of the global GDP to limit warmup at 1,5°C. Humans have the budget and the technological know-how but lack the political courage at the moment.”

source: Love Tomorrow Conference, 28-7-2022 Boom, Belgium.