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Investor Information

The world is going to require about 12 times the current battery capacity by 2035, or 4,8 terawatt-hours.


Who Are We?

247 Energy was incorporated in 2017 and is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium.

The mission is to go for zero CO2, a world that runs 100% on decentralized energy production and storage of renewable energy.

The goal is to design and produce innovative, sustainable, safe, long lasting energy production and storage solutions.

247 is a smart grid enabler.

247 enables smart grids with 2 vital and complementary solutions. Energy Production and Storage Infrastructure that is always ON even with renewable resources. Decentralized energy production and smaller smart-grids are finally possible anywhere in the world.

247 Giga Factory

See how we will change your view on batteries. Soon more info on 247 Giga.

Investor Contact

If you are interested in our current capital round, please contact:

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Disruptive Energy Solutions

Disruptive non-chemical energy storage solutions

Based on supercapacitors with an intelligent software layer. Patented technology. The energy storage solution is unique in its features:

  • Charges & discharges up to 20x faster than legacy batteries
  • Non-flammable, non-explosive
  • A 45 years lifetime (+1.000.000 cycles) compared to 5-7 years for Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Non-chemical and fully electric : No harm-full metals, no polluting production methods
  • Not temperature sensitive
  • No degradation over time regardless usage
  • Made in Europe

Mobile energy production plants based on LNG/LH2.

Based on LNG/Hydrogen (gas-to-energy),  allows an energy production of 0.5-1.5 MW or multiples. Patented technology.

Advantages :

  • Can produce energy anytime
  • Can be installed in ½ a day
  • Several units can be combined
  • For ON/OFF grid applications
  • Cheaper than the national grid in many countries
  • Made in Europe